We give love to children from children´s homes

We give love to the handicapped

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About us

We established this assotiation in 2018 as three friends. We have always felt for the handicapped and always have liked to help people. So we decided to establish an association to be able to help more effectively and have it made to measure.

We are getting to it a little bit differently. There is a lot of associations that have finances for various activities, but they just then seek utilizations for these. On the contrary, we ask at first and want to get to know what kind of needs the handicapped and children have. Just then, we look for the particular funding for particular activities.

Our focus groups are children from children´s homes, children from host, foster and adoptive families and the handicapped living mainly in homes for disabled people or supported housings. We visit our aforsaid friends regularly with our educating activities, canistherapy, organize educating, sports activities and experiences. We assist with the integration into common society and pull down the barriers built out of prejudices. We are like older friends for the children whom they can turn to whenever, even after leaving children´s homes.