Our bene-faction consists of regular visits in children´s houses and organization of even several-day outdoor activities. Regularly, once a week, we visit children with educating activities, canistherapy, we assist with school prepare. We bath the little children and read bedtime stories. Not only children estimate it, also the governesses do. Unfortunately, the children are often socially excluded, also among their contemporaries, because they cannot share experiences or cannot do some common sports, for example swimming, skiing, but surprisingly also theatre- or cinemagoing or eating out in fastfoods. During these activities, we casually become their older friends whom they can turn to whenever, even after leaving children´s homes.

  • We have workshops with children and there is our E-SHOP for the handmade products that children do not want to keep.
  • We help children also with food delivery within the framework of foodbanking .

  • We work with the Nove Straseci, Horni Krnsko, Mlada Boleslav Children´s Home and host, foster families.

Let us leave the theory behind.

Take a look at the photos and read this:

9. - 16. 7. 2021 - Summer camp for children from three Children ´s homes

1. - 5. 7. 2021 - Mini summer camp with kids from NS

10. 6. 2021 - Swimming with kids in NS


5. 6. 2021 - Children's Day

26. 5. 2021 - Canistherapy in NS

16. 5. 2021 - competitions and canistherapy in Krnsko

10. 5. 2021 - Dog assited therapy in Krnsko

8. 5. 2021 - Sport season opening in NS

30. 4. 2021 -Witches celebration in Krnsko

14. - 15.; 21. -22.; a 27. - 28. 4. 2021 - Helping in Nové Strašecí, Dog assisted therapy, tutoring

24. 4. 2021 - Food collection

7. - 8. 4. 2021 - Helping in Nové Strašecí

31. 3. - 1. 4. 2021 - Helping and inlines collection for Nové Strašecí

24.-25. 3. 2021 - Helping in Nové Strašecí

18. 3. 2021 - Gardening in Nové Strašecí

6.-12. 3. 2021 - Spring holidays in Nové Strašecí

20. 2. 2021-Helping in Nové Strašecí

4. 2. 2021 - Horseback riding with kids from Nové Strašecí

28. 1. 2021 - the kids prepared the program for us 

14. 1. 2021-First visit after Covid restrictions

Helping in Krnsko 19. - 20. 12. 2020

Helping in Krnsko 2. 3. and 7. 12. 2020

21. 11. 2020 -Food collection

18. 9. 2020 - 20. 9. 2020 - Benecko with Krnsko

5. 9. 2020- Children ´s day and ProDobroFEST

1. 8. - 10. 8. 2020 - Holidays with Věrka

25. 7. - 1. 8. 2020 - Helping at Barka

20. - 22. 7. 2020 - Canoeing

11. - 18. 7. 2020 - Summer Camp

1. - 4. 7. 2020 Křivoklát stay

24. 6. 2020-Foster family visit

16. - 18. 6. 2020- Stay at Benecko 

14. 6. 2020-Okoř castle

7. 5. 2020-Children's home Krnsko in safari Dvůr Králové

30. 4. 2020-Visit of the Prague Zoo with foster families

18. 4. 2020-Family visit in Krnsko


Preventive measures in children's homes-reduction of our activities

As a result of preventive measures of children's homes in response to the spread of COVID-19, which we fully respect, we are forced to limit our activities. Where direct contact will not be possible, we will use modern technologies-Regular tutoring therefore may continue for example via skype ;-)

22. 2. 2020-Carnival in Nové Strašecí

15. - 16. 2. 2020- Relief service to foster parents 

15. 2. 2020-A beautiful afternoon full of games and love in Ledce

4. 2. 2020-Creativity and games in Krnsko

1. 2. 2020-The first familiarization visit in the DD Ledce

31. 1. -2. 2. 2020-Half-year skiing holiday with Opři se 

23. 12. -26. 12. 2019 - Christmas in the mountains

15. 12. 2019 Creativity in Krnsko

5. 12. 19 - Czech tradition - visit from hell and heaven

2., 16. a 30. 11 - We help where and when needed

We help not only the children, but also the children´s homes as such. For example, by working on behalf of an educator who is absent.

23. 11. 2019 - Food collecting

28. 10. 2019-Krampus wood carving visit

26. 10. 2019 - cinema with foster families

18. - 20. 10. 2019 - outdoor sport festival

We helped with organization and supported children in competitions.

13. 10. 2019-foster family visit

25. - 29. 8. 2019 - helping to our "sister" organization Opři Se

with their weekend for children from children´s homes.

18. 8. - 24. 8. 2019 - Helping at dancing summer camp

Two volunteers of Dobrodějky helped and two children from Nové Strašecí attended ;-)


11. 8. -17. 8. 2019-Vacation with Věrka

3. 8. - 10. 8. 2019 - Helping with summer camp at Barka

Two girls from children ´s home in Nové Strašecí helped with organization

Helping to create a nice home i Children ´s home in Krnsko

15. 7. 2019 - 21. 7. 2019 - Our first summer camp

15. 6. 2019 - Foster family visit

 1. - 2. 6. 2019

Children's Day

19. - 21. 5. 2019  Children's Home Olympics

18. 5. 2019 - Food Collecting

11. 5. 2019 - Dragon boat races

8. 5. 2019 - Opening of the sports season and mini-zoo

4. 5. 2019-Terezín Memorial visit

18. 4. 2019 Easter visit in Nové Strašecí

11. 4. 2019 - Easter creating and barbecue

22. 3. - 24. 3. - Last year's skiing

2. 3. 2019 - "Internet Functioning" Training

24. 2. 2019 - "Digital Track" training

21. 2. 2019 - Theater and meeting with the actors

14. 2. 2019 - Valentine's Day Creating

9. 2. 2019- Ice skating

1. 2.- 3. 2. 2019

Ski school

10. 1. 2019

Having fun in Nové Strašecí

30.12. 2018 Christmas in the mountains by Kačka 🤗 

What will come to your mind when you say - the mountains?

Hiking, climbing, a great panorama, snow, Christmas maybe?

And when you say Christmas?

Ease, peace, family, food, sweets?

These are maybe the items everybody would think of, but as for me, I had a question. Children's homes and Christmas spent in the mountains? It is not possible, is it?

As usually, I was afraid of it. Of something unknown and new.

It was a terrible mistake.

Thanks to Dobrodějky, this event was held from 23 December to 26 December 2018.

It was maybe the best thing regarding Christmas because everybody has enjoyed it very much - skiing, sledding, snowball fights, lying in the snow, creation and bringing us together.

There was a lot of experiences to write about, but my biggest and best experience was the Christmas dinner. When we were sitting at the table and were a satisfied family. At least for me, it was like that. It was very pleasant, alhough I was not in the Christmas mood before, how it uses to be.

After we have sat at the table in a fancy dress and have started to debate like people who have been growing together.

You know, I personally am glad that I am in a chidren's home, because I would miss these magical moments. How marvellous it is to be with people you like, and the people are here for you always.

I like Dobrodějky very much, because they do help the children from the children's homes as they can and I thank them for that.

This Christmas was as charming as it was when I was a little girl.

Thank you.

23.12. - 26.12.2018 Christmas in the mountains

Now we are back at home from the "Christmas with children from the children's homes in the mountains". How was it like? I believe that I speak on behalf of all of us when saying that it was perfect!

Children and adults have enjoyed it so much. We could have the children taken out for this trip not only due to the Dobrodějky!

We thank so much Chata Barka - Benecko/Krkonoše for the favourable price, a fabulous atmosphere, great care, tasteful cuisine and caring approach. We know for know we will get back soon and gladly 😘

Benecko - Vzdušné lázně v Krkonoších - ski resort - we really thank so much and really appreciate the hundred-per-cent season tickets reduction, which had helped us and we could have paid for the very patient ski instructors of Miraski School-Rental Benecko for the children, so that all the children have learned skiing and could ski down the little piste and could use the tow. We also thank the ski lift operators.

We cannot put aside Pragotour s. r. o. who has provided a safe and luxury transport for a favourable price with a nice driver.

We also want to thank to the Little Jesus who has endowed us with a lot of Christmas presents via dm drogerie markt Česká republika, Adrienne Rambousková, who has ordered a private raising, and the girls from the ad agency, who had embroidered hats (hats and neck warmers, you can buy in our e-shop).

We are happy to thank also Bright HR a Merit group, who had helped with the funding.

Thanks to all the volunteers and educators who have decided to spend the Christmas time with the children from children's homes. We could not have done this without them.

And we also want to thank the great children who have helped each other being into all activities - skiing, sledding, snowball fights, games, creation...

Shortly said, we THANK YOU all, you who have participated somehow in this event, and there is a lot of people. It would not have come true without you.

15.12.2018 - At Cinema

Today, we enjoyed an awesome forenoon with foster and socially weaker families at cinema. We thank so much Kino Lucerna for freebies!🤗

5.12.2018 - St.Nicholas´s presents distribution

Hallo, hallo? Is there anybody left? We know there is, indeed you are awesome and the devils take only the bad ones. St.Nicholas and the angel got this info via heaven mail that there would be only good things, sweets, thus much. Although the devils tried hard, children were not afraid at all. The angel had a lot work to do because all the children were good and there was no need to give out coal. Shortly said, our devils left empty-handed from all our three children´s homes.

2.12.2018 - Czech St.Nicholas´s presents "predistribution"

We want to wish a beautiful first advent Sunday to everybody. Advent is by the by about families getting united again and that also was what our first advent weekend was about. It was about mutual moving help of our "Good♥Families". Mums and aunts from the families whom we help, told us about a socially weak biological family that needs help and the mums and aunts by themselves ordered a gathering directly for this family. For us, it was a pleasure to help deliver the gathering and brought it together with a little St.Nicholas´s presents predistribution. We helped our new family who we took under our "hat" with foodbanking delivery of Potravinová banka Praha. It was an emotional, beautifully spent weekend full of joy with our Good♥Families. We thank you so much, you are really amazing! 🤗

17.11.2018 - The swimming-pool

It is autumn again, a season when you want to be indoors rather than outdoors. We miss the summer heat and bathing, that is why we have taken the children to the swimming-pool with us  🤗 So our very first adventure with the children from the Chidren's home in Krnsko has run over. Due to safety in the pool, we have taken there with us only six children - we will take other six of them next time. The pool in Liberec has surprised us by pleasantly hot water, lots of places to warm up and wonderful roller coaster, toboggans and slides. We have enjoyed it so much, it was a marvellous day🤗

10. 11. 2018 Nationwide food gathering

We want to publish our wonderful results of this food gathering. We gathered marvellous 1,203 kg of food for our children and the handicapped in need thanks to the Tesco Zahradní město staff´s and customers´s efforts. All the food was delivered to the end recipients of the aid that very day. All the food and dry goods really pleased all. We want to thank all the Tesco´s and Nalžovický zámek´s volunteer staff for great help, Finally, a big thank you to the Foodbanking of Prague, there would not be on such an amazing nationwide event.

28. - 30. 9. 2018 Colorful autumn in Sklárna

We have been to our first weekend stay. Yipee! We went for it to Sklárna by Žihle with the children from the Nové Strašecí chidren´s home. They have taken care of us wonderfully! We could use the rope center, a gym, two clubrooms. In addition to that, they cooked excellentely, thanks! With the children, we made kites, autumnal decorations, went for walks, worked out in the gym and there was also an "Beauty salon evening". We used the clubroom with the projection screen to watch movies every evening. Shortly said, it was awesome 🤗

20. 9. 2018 - Garden miniclub

We support the children in what they like to do and what they love. That is why we did not hesitate and prepared a garden miniclub when they told us they wanted to grow something. Whether this was successfull, we are about to learn in two weeks when we prepare a cress salad. 🌱🌱🌱😋

We also want to ask our garden fans: Do you know of another herb🌿🌺, that you can plant now in this season?💡?

You can find us on Facebook: Dobrodějky. Thank you.

16. 9. 2018 - Marzipan and animal therapy

On Sunday, we sweetened our lives and exercised our fingers.🤗 Children created a lot of beauty from the marzipan 🌈 - animals, flowers, balls with gates, snowmen and even our fourlegged therapist Rozinka 🐕 They enjoyed the animaltherapy with guinea pigs and a bunny, others had fun under the basketball basket. It was simply a beautiful day!💗👏❤️

15. 9. 2018 - Cake baking

You know, no pain no gain, but the children had a fancy for a cake. So we put off on a walk and picked some elderberries. It was not difficult, and the cake was in the oven. But the cleaning up the mess in the kitchen... You certainly know it ;-)

10. 9. 2018 - Home made sirup

Most parents know it well probably. It is not easy to make children drink enough and even healthy. But when children cook their own sirup themselves - that is another pair of shoes! :-) They drink it cheerly and let everybody taste it too - and we have taken use of it. The children did pull the elderberry sirup off!