Our team

Dobrodějky members - founders

Michaela Orlíková - Dobrodějka Directress

Helping people has been my cup of tea since my childhood, even at playschool, I could not have stand any unfairness to the weaker and have been always bringing all kinds of animals who have needed to be rescued. When my contemporaries were interested in discotheques, I did hippotherapy and I got to children from children´s homes in 2007 through dance therapy. That was a breaking time for me. That is to say I have got to know what I have been missing in this "business", and got to "non-profits", where I am happy now.

Monika Kuberová - Dobrodějka Founder

I like people, I do not care whether they are small, tall, or somehow else than the others. The important thing is who they are inside. And when we want to help anybody, the biggest gift is the time, understanding and, of course, a lot of experiences and fun we are having together. 

Zuzka  - Dobrodějka Founder

I like music and all creatures of goodwill. I cannot understand why some people can abandon their children voluntarily. That is also why I like this idea. Exempla trahunt.

Dobrodějníci Volunteers

Although we are a young association, we already have had a volunteer team made up of various professions. We would not do without them, that is why we must care for them, support them and provide them appropriate trainings and supervision. Our volunteers are welcome, everybody knows something that can be helpful for the others. Everyone openhearted with clear criminal records and friendly nature is welcome. 

Alena Ostrejšová social worker

Eliška Franková special needs teacher 

Hedvika Mašková foster parent

Monika Čechová special needs teacher 

Lenka Kotková on maternal leave right now

Radka Síčová special needs teacher

Roman Kubera various tasks 

Zdeňka Franková educator in Children´s home

Zuzana Vačkářová psychotherapist

Rozárka Rozinka our fourlegged canistherapist