The handicapped

Our bene-faction to the handicapped consists of regular visits of our friends and we focus on educating activities and canistherapy. Our fourlegged elfin canistherapist Rozinka makes them smile always. Just sometimes, we take our friends out of their homes, because they do not like big changes much. That is why educating and creative activities proceed mainly in their known homes because they are used to them. All the handmade products from the workshops that we do not want to keep, you can find there in our e-shop.

  • We help also with food delivery within the framework of foodbanking.
  • We work with the Homes for disabled people Nalžovický zámek and Supported Housings in Příčovy.

Let us leave the theory behind - take a look at the photos from particular activities and read this:

Covid - 19 didn't stop us 

We cannot visit our handicapped friends during the special measures now. Therefore we sew masks for the needy and help seniors with the shopping and delivery of food. They are the most endangered group.

4. 12. 19 - Czech tradition - visit from hell and heaven

23. 11. 2019 - Food Collecting

30. 9. 2019 - Fun afternoon for our new handicapped friends

We have just started cooperation with Alka - organization helping handicapped people.

18. 5. 2019 - Food Collecting

23. 11. 2018 - Tibetan bowls

On Friday, we prepared for the weekend - we harmonized ourselves with music therapy of Tibetan bowls in Nalžovický zámek. Everybody also could play it after the recital. We want to thank Jiří Tůma for a wonderful recital and the possibility to try everything. Everybody enjoyed it so much. Thank you! 😍

P.S: We are sorry for the quality of photographies, it will be better next time ;-)

10. 11. 2018 Nationwide food gathering

We want to publish our wonderful results of this food gathering. We gathered marvellous 1,203 kg of food for our children and the handicapped in need thanks to the Tesco Zahradní město staff´s and customers´s efforts. All the food was delivered to the end recipients of the aid that very day. All the food and dry goods really pleased all. We want to thank all the Tesco´s and Nalžovický zámek´s volunteer staff for great help, Finally, a big thank you to the Foodbanking of Prague, there would not be on such an amazing nationwide event.

27.10.2018 - At the Kino Lucerna

We enjoyed this Saturday at the Kino Lucerna with our friends from Nalžovický zámek and children from the families we work together. The movie PAT A MAT ZNOVU V AKCI was shown. We want to thank Kino Lucerna for free entry - laugh more, live longer. Everyone had fun and it was a great time spent with wonderful people 💞 It definitely was not our last visit 😉

26. 9. 2018 - Great joy in Nalžovice

Can you see the joy? Careful, it is infectious 😂🤩😂 Today, we delivered our first food help (foodbanking) to our friends in Nalžovický zámek. We are glad we can spread the joy, so we want to thank the Foodbank of Prague. The smile put on their faces speaks for itself 😍😘😍 

5. 9. 2018 - Nalžovický zámek Fest

And here we go!!! We have just come back from our very first activity and it was awesome. We have organized accompanying festivities for our friends from Nalžovický zámek at their fest and we all have had a wonderful time. We have prepared face painting and 5 developing competitive disciplines. Sweet awards could not be missing ;-) We want to say thanks also Michaela Dolinová with her great show that has gripped everybody ❤️