Here you may find what is new and what we plan

The Pandemy did not stop us

We did not stop helping during the anti-pandemic measures. The most endangered are seniors, so we focused our help on them as well. We help them with grocery shopping and delivery. We continue to tutor children, we only use the online distance form for that. We also sewed and delivered more than 500 masks for children, seniors and workers in direct care.

What awaits us 

Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel many actions due to the Covid-19 solution.

We planned and were forced to cancel:

  • 18. 4. National Food Collection
  • 6. 6. - 7. 6. - Children's day full of games and competitions
  • 11. 7. - 18. 7. - Summer camp for 80 children

We hope that will take place:

  • Mini-camps right in children's homes during the summer holidays
  • 11. 7. - 18. 7. 2020 - Recovery stay for socially weak and surrogate families
  • July 20 - July 22 - river canoeing